Guide to Choose the Best UTV for Farm

UTVs have become indispensable tools for farming due to their cargo capacity, engine reliability and towing performance.

In addition to agricultural machinery such as harvesters and tractors, agricultural UTVs have also been widely welcomed as a good helper in farm work. UTVs have become an indispensable tool for farming due to their cargo capacity, engine reliability and traction performance. Do you know how to choose the best UTV for farm? Let’s talk about why you should choose a UTV and how to choose the best UTV for farm in this article.


A UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) is a four- to six-wheel off-road vehicle equipped with a steering wheel, a bucket or bench seat with safety belts, footrests, and an anti-roll bar or cage. It has other names like utility terrain vehicle or utility vehicle.

UTV VS ATV-Why choose a best UTV for farm but not an ATV?

To choose the best UTV for farm, you have to know why choose a UTV but not an ATV. Some friends may be confused between UTV and ATV. What is an ATV? Its full name is all-terrain vehicle. It is also known as a light utility vehicle (LUV), “quad” or “four wheeler” and is meant for single-riders.

ATVs have handlebars and a seat for the rider to sit astride, Riders sit on these vehicles and operate them like motorcycles. It is usually for one person to ride alone. But some ATVs (called tandem ATVs) have been developed for use by a driver and a passenger.

An UTV tends to be beefier and allows for “side-by-side” riding, which is why some simply call it a “side by side” or “SXS” for short. UTVs often offering covered multi-passenger spaces.

A UTV has bigger engine. It is more payload, and beefed-up towing capacity makes the perfect hauling machine on farms. UTVs specially designed for farm work often include handy features as large dump cargo boxes and winches.

And they’re incredibly versatile, helping you with tasks ranging from feeding to mending fences, from plowing fields to plowing snow. They also offer plenty of recreational opportunities at the end of the day.

How to Choose the Best UTV for Farm

When you choose the best UTV for farm or ranch, consider the following features:

Types of fuel and engine:

According to different fuel and engine types, they are divided into gasoline UTV, diesel UTV, and electric UTV. So which type to choose? You can refer to the characteristics of different types of UTVs to choose the best UTV

1. Gasoline UTVs have great endurance. The fuel of gasoline UTV is gasoline, which is very convenient to refuel. Compared to electric UTVs, they are noisier. If you need to work for a long time and travel long distances, you can choose a gasoline UTV.

2. The range of diesel UTVs is also good. Diesel engines usually have higher torque and are very suitable for heavy loads or towing work. For heavier vehicles that need to transport larger loads, optimal performance will require diesel, which can make more efficient use of its high-energy fuel. For smaller vehicles and lighter loads, consider a gasoline vehicle.


3. It goes without saying that electric UTV is very environmentally friendly and has zero emissions. It has become more popular in this era of environmental protection. It has low operating noise, and compared to gasoline UTV and diesel UTV, it does not require oil changes and has low maintenance costs. But the battery life is relatively weak.

When choosing the best UTV, you can consider its usage, maintenance costs, endurance requirements, etc. If it is daily off-roading, fishing, relaxation and entertainment, an electric UTV may be more suitable. If it requires long-term or heavy-duty work, diesel UTV and gasoline UTV will be more suitable for you.

Load and transport capacity:

When you’re looking for the best UTV for farm operation, load and hauling capabilities are crucial. The diesel UTV provided by Winway can reach 900KG, you can choose according to your needs.

Terrain and driving conditions:

Terrain and driving conditions also need to be taken into consideration when choosing the best farm UTV. If you frequently drive in snowy or muddy conditions, especially on hills or uneven terrain, four-wheel drive will be more stable and maneuverable, and help you get your farm or ranch goods safely to their destination.

Other features to consider include the speed of the UTV, the number of seats, budget, etc. Winway is a factory that specializes in designing and manufacturing UTVs and is comparable to popular brands in terms of quality, reliability, service and parts availability. Very cost-effective and comes with warranty.


UTVs are a good helper for us in farm or ranch work. Choosing the best UTV needs to take into account the usage scenario, terrain conditions, load, speed and endurance, etc. If you are interested in Winway’s products or have any questions, please feel free to consult our product experts to help you choose the best UTV for farm.


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